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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I had grand plans for this past week.  When I was on the train back from Scotland last week, I drew up a list of all my WIPS and Must Start projects.  I've created a page here to keep on track with what I want to achieve for the rest of the year.  Since I've been back home, the wee man is now on to his second nursery virus (similar to the first only this time with sick and poo thrown in) and Laughing Boy and I have both been struggling with mahoosive colds that seem to have bedded down for the summer.  So I haven't been up to much, other than...

making a gift to take to the lovely Bo's first birthday party, which we couldn't attend in the end due to wee man's sickness bug:

made using a great tutorial by Jeni @ In Color Order

bland t-shirt smartened up with some machine applique (first attempt ever!)
When I popped round to drop off the gift and apologise for our not being able to stay, Bo's mum said that most people had cancelled over the morning.  I felt really bad for her.

The other thing I've been working on is hand quilting my Sparkle Logic quilt:

It's taking blinking aaaaaages but I guess the cutting and piecing did too.  I bought some Black and Gold applique needles as they are slightly longer and I felt more in control.  I started off using my hoop but that got canned early doors so it's a bit of a wing and a prayer really.  I know my stitches aren't the smallest but I'm trying to keep them as even length as I can.

This week I have GOT to crack on with Kelly's Kinky Bee block and Phuong's QATWII block (you should see this beauty in real life - the back is just as nice as the front!  No pressure then....).  Lemsips are go!

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  1. Cute drawstring bag :) I need to try out that tutorial sometime

  2. "Bless you"! Hope you feel better soon x

  3. Gosh that is awful being sick! Hope your back to fighting form soon.
    The bag looks great, it is a real shame to plan something and have hardly anyone turn up.
    Just keep at the stitching you'll get there and feel great once you're done =D

  4. Oh hand sewing is ideal for when you feel a bit poorly. Hope you're better soon.

  5. Love everything on this post (fabricy I mean, not the sickness bit). Your poor wee man, I hate to tell you that those nursery bugs just keep coming :( xx

  6. Aw, just what you guys did not need - a whole host of germs :0(
    Sending lots of Get Well Soon vibes your way.
    Love the hand quilting and your sublime drawstring bag.
    I find T-shirt applique a slight curse because I am always thinking "Oh I will so make one of these" when I look in the Boden catalogue rather than just clicking Buy :0S
    Love yours though.

  7. Sorry you are all on the sick list, hope you feel better soon!