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Friday, 20 July 2012


... and not in a good way!  That's the only word that can describe trying to sew voile and cuddle minky together. My youngest sister is about to give birth to her second child (I had dibs on 14th July but that came and went with only a few twinges) and I wanted to make her a receiving blanket to take to the hospital.  I made one from AMH voile and Anne Kelle cuddle minky for the wee man when I was pregnant and figured the problems I had with it were probably due to my missing mojo.  So I thought I would give it another go as I still have a pile of lush voile and shedloads of the minky left...... turns out it's still a complete ruddy nightmare!.  I used a little spray starch which did help a little but that minky is a tricky devil.  Anyway, here's a snap of the finished blanket..

Anyhoo, apart from the odd tuck and askew seam, it looks ok.  The upside is that it is super soft and cuddly on either side and will wash really well, keeping maximum cuddlage.  I never want to sew with minky again so if anyone wants some whale watching minky, drop me a line and it's yours.

My other finishes this week include a couple of reversible drawstring bags, using a
tutorial by pink penguin.  First up a bag for Rory to say thank you for lending the wee man some clothes after he puked up on Rory's mum's lovely beige carpet last week.

containing said items of clothes, all cleaned and pressed
And, one being used to hold the birthday present for Teddy, who is having a 1st b-day party tomorrow afternoon which we will be popping into.

gift and bag (both inside and out)
I machine appliqued the car onto a really good quality long-sleeved T.  I think it's pretty cool.  I maybe should have left a bit more room to manoeuvre round the car but it worked pretty well.  And I like that it's wrapped in something that isn't instantly dispensible.  I think I'll make bags for all the presents we give from now on (famous last words!)

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  1. What fun looking projects to finish up! Loving the colours and fabrics =D

  2. Gorgeous. I love the minky even though it was a pain. Someone told me to try it using my walking foot and a ball point needle but I haven't tested it, so I dont know if that is good advice or not.
    I really adore that car tee too

  3. What great makes. It was worth all the heartache because the the blanket looks fantastic

  4. Lovely blanket even if it was a nightmare to sew! Cute bags too!

  5. Oh the blanket is lovely even though it misbehaved! I bet it will be very loved!

    Love the appliqued shirt and little bag! Very cute!

  6. Some wonderful kiddo sewing going on over there! I can imagine that the voile and minky would be a total nightmare to work with. It must be droolably soft, though. :)

  7. Oh I can imagine that was a totally nightmare to sew, but I am sure it's so soft! Everything looks great. I love the car on the shirt!

  8. I was also going to suggest trying your walking foot for the minky. The other trick to try with this sort of silly fabric, is to hold the fabric tight under the needle, with one hand fore and aft. That sometimes helps with the slippies! The whales are lovely, if anyone is making re-usable nappies for a baby boy they would be perfect!

  9. Is minky always hard to sew with...think I might have to avoid it!!