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Monday, 2 July 2012

versatile sunshine

I have been so fortunate to have received a couple of blogger award nominations in the past week:

the versatile blogger award from the lovely Liz @ lizofdandeliondaydreams  (who is truly one of the nicest people around)
Liz of Dandelion Daydreams

and the sunshine award from Tanya @ sewasecondchance and Helen @ runquiltknitwrite - both of who I met at the FQ Retreat and was struck by their abundant loveliness.

I need to answer some questions I think so here goes:

Some random things about me:

I got my one and only tattoo in a mobile tattoo truck outside a pub in a small ski town in the South Island of New Zealand.

I have a "thing" about the correct use of apostrophes and grammar in general - it's a curse!

I tried out Liz's fake cough to stop sneezing technique and it works!

My ability to speak french increases exponentially with the amount of wine I have.

My favourite colour tends to be purple although I'm going through a bit of a deep pink/magenta phase.

I have a cat called Jamie Lee and she is so precious to me.  Unfortunately her brother Billy Bob was run over a few years ago and I still miss him.  I've had Jamie for coming up to 13 years now

My favourite number is 3 - dunno why

I love wine and have ideas above my station about my level of sommelier ability.  I don't really like Gin, although when I was much younger I used to have a shot of it in a pint of cider.  You feel like Madonna for about a minute then it gets a bit messy - the innocence of youth!
I love music including opera (R&B not so much) and travel and Italy and Michel Roux Jr but am passionate about my family and friends (and cat!).  I have an obsession about fabric that needs to be brought under control.  I love making things for people (whether they want it or not!)
My favourite day was my wedding day last year.  It was all organised in under 8 weeks and couldn't have gone better. 
Now, I am meant to nominate 15 blogs for the versatile blogger award and 4 for the sunshine award.  Crikey! There are so many inspiring and and creative and amusing quilty blogs out there.  So I'm going to follow Helen's example and rather than nominate, I give you a list of some of my favourite reads, who will bring sunshine to your lives if you choose to visit them:
Kelly @ jeliquilts

I could go on for a long time but will stop there.  My blog list at the right hand side has loads more great blogs and you will find more real gems if you go to Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day and Small Blog Meet.


  1. I love your 7 things. I'm part of the apostrophe police too ;0)
    I've also got thing about the pronunciation of the letter "H"... or should I say "aitch"
    and aw shucks, thanks for bigging me up. I'll be getting a really big head if you carry on like that ;0P
    Thanks so much for posting my blog button. I have such a big smile on my face seeing it here xxxx

  2. Hahaha! Congratulations on winning the awards. What a great fact file! It's amazing what alcohol can do to some people...just don't attempt to go to France and drink too much! =D

  3. I actually snorted at the whole gin/cider/madonna scenario! You made me smile this morning and I loved your answers. Thanks for the blog mention, I feel the same about reading yours x

  4. Definitely understand the apostrophe thing - my friend showed me the punctuation book 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' recently which contains a punctuation repair kit (e.g. apostrophe stickers you can stick on signs)!

  5. It's so lovely to learn some random things about you! And thanks so much for the mention - I'm so honored you count me among those fabulous blogs! I'll do the questions for sure :o)