Finished Quilts

Monday, 13 May 2013

around the world, around the world...

... I am in the Daft Punk zone right now!  I am Juliette Lewis!!  Ahem.... wrong song you numpty....where was I?

I've finally cleared the decks of my outstanding Quilts Around The World II bee blocks and I am one relieved bunny that's for sure.

First up, Marian who wanted a limited palette of grey, light blue and yellow and here's what she got...

evening time photo, sorry
I had to use the seam ripper a couple times, because of my cack handedness but I'm chuffed how it turned out.  I wish I'd been a little more fussy cut minded with the middle pebbles though.  Anyway, here are Marian's blocks so far...

pretty cool, huh?
Then it was onto the lovely Joan (who is one of my inspirations so I was so pleased that we ended up in this bee together). She wanted stars in a green/blue on white style and she's a paper piecing queen so I had to do another PP star, which was a pleasure....

one of the Lucky Star blocks
I cheated a little by adding some architextures in the background so I hope Joan likes it.  Her quilt is doing to be fab - here are her blocks so far...

And finally, Anita wanted a global neighbourhood - such a neat idea.  But this kind of block is so out of my comfort zone so I was dreading this one a little.  No option but to dive in, right?  Well, here's how that went....

still needs a good iron, obvs.
I'm not sure it's quite finished yet.  I think it might need a little zhush in the sky area.  I based the house on one of Elizabeth Oh Fransson's blocks from her Modern Patchwork book.  Here are her blocks so far....

a fun collection
The rest of this week is all about bee blocks too.  Modern Mavericks up next.....after I finish dancing like a robot...


  1. Ooh your pp skills are good! Some brilliant blocks (I would have freaked at the neighborhood one)! Di x

  2. Haha my other half has that song as his ring tone! Beautiful work miss Moira!

  3. These were two of the sets of blocks that I have dreaded landing on my doorstep, but a 1:00am finish and I have Joan's done - phew, it came out okay and like you I wanted to make an extra effort for her as she has really helped me out with paper piecing in the past and she is so lovely! Onto Anita's neighbourhood, but have no idea yet what to do! I love your house, it's so cool! XXXX

  4. Some beautifully intricate blocks there, great work moira! :o)

  5. Being old and decrepit, I'd never seen or heard of daft punk until now. Great blocks btw, looks like you've got pp nailed!

  6. Wow that Paper piecing looks fantastic- about to have a go at some myself...