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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Distracted by sunbeams....

What an effort this was but I have finally finished my Sparkle Logic QAL quilt top *collapses into a heap next to overworked seam ripper and iron*. 

needs one last pressing of those seams though :(
You can tell it was a late night finish due to the darkness of the photo.  I was determined to finish it on Friday as my sister and her family are coming to stay for the weekend and I needed to return my sewing room back into a bedroom.  At times, I thought I'd never finish.... there was plenty of this....

D'OH!  seam ripper, where are you?!
And a little bit of this....
always on the blocks I wanted to sew next!
But as slow as it was in the beginning, it whipped together dead fast in the end.  I realised a few things about me and my approach during the process too.  A few months ago I was watching Live at the Apollo with comedian Ed Byrne, who was telling a story about his cat playing with this mouse and when the mouse was nearly dead and one more "play" would have finished it off, the cat was distracted by a sunbeam and sauntered off.  Well, that's me (without the dying mouse though!) - I am sewing up in a (fairly) methodical manner then I get a notion that I need to start from the other end or I should sew the smaller blocks I have into bigger blocks before finishing all the small blocks or I desperately need to press the seams of blocks I had done ages ago or I should look out fabric for the Siblings Together blocks I'm making or something more interesting than I am doing.  So I get distracted by sunbeams and wander off.  It takes A LOT of self control to get me to focus back on the methodical approach. I mean things get finished but this probably explains why I am a bit of a slow coach.  Something for me to ponder over the weekend....

I am linking up my Sparkle Logic QAL quilt top for the TGIFF over at Dreaming in Patchwork.

Have a great Easter x


  1. There's plenty of dead mice around me right now!! Esp this gorgeous quilt to gaze at. I am fantasizing about what I will be free to do once this study-hell is over! Though my sunbeam is only a pair of PJ bottoms at the moment!

    You are truly amazing!

  2. congrats on a great finish! those sunbeams are so hard to resist, especially when the next step in your current work involves a seam ripper :) your Sparkle top is beautiful {and kitty is too} thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  3. It looks great! Forget the seam ripper in quilting there is no perfect! =D

  4. I love your Sparkle Logic quilt, Moira! Great fabrics! And boy, does your theory of the sunbeam apply to me too. I have four other projects I want to cut into and I'm using all my self control to finish a couple of projects first. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful. That is on my to-do list : )