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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Giving something back

I've tried all week to be productive but the focus of productivity would appear to have been purees and mush and making choc chip cookies!  Now that the freezer is full to bursting, Laughing Boy decided he was taking the wee man to B&Q (some kind of rite of passage....) so I could have the afternoon to catch up on my Siblings Together blocks.  I've been worrying out load about being able to do what I had promised and I think he felt sorry for me *bless*.

Anyway, for those who don't already know, the lovely Lynne from Lily's Quilts is organising the creation or donation of a number of quilts for a charity called Siblings Together.  This project provides the opportunity for siblings separated through going into care to maintain contact, for example through holiday camps.  The idea is to provide each kid with a quilt at the end of this year's summer camps - something of their own that will remind them of the camp and being with their sibling(s).  Lynne asked her quilting friends if they want to help out with getting together around 40-50 quilts by the end of May, in time for the camps.  And everyone has responded with gusto.  It underlines one of the reasons why I love being part of this online community (even if only on its sidelines) - it is so full of support and enthusiasm.  Some people have donated already finished quilts, some are creating them from scratch and others are providing blocks for some brave souls to collate into quilts.  Yet more are basting, quilting and binding.  It's quite an enterprise!

I initially had grand plans to make full quilt tops (if not completed quilts) but I am now being realistic with what I can actually achieve in the time (mindful of sunbeams etc...).  So I signed up to make some blocks for 3 different groups.  I've done blocks for 2 out of 3 so far...

Group 1: Granny Squares organised by a delightful lady called Trudi:

my first attempt at this block
Group 2: Simple Log Cabins under the direction of lovely Judith:

Group 3 is specifically for older boys and a nine patch block.  Brilliant idea from Maria.  That's my next wee project.

Working on these blocks has been really interesting.  I worried a lot before I started about what the people sewing the blocks together so I've been extra careful, cutting off as many loose threads as I could find, pressing all the way.  And you know, it has paid off - whilst perfection is still a daydream, I'm not embarrassed about sending these on and it didn't add that much extra time so I'll probably be a bit more careful in my normal sewing now too.  A win-win!


  1. I love your blocks! They all look great =D

  2. Love all the blocks. It is such a great cause :)

  3. these are lovely! great cause x

  4. Just found your blog through the Siblings Together Flikr group.
    Great work.
    I especially love the Granny blocks

  5. Great blocks! I did the same with my blocks, being extra careful with threads and pressing.

  6. Great blocks! I did the same with my blocks, being extra careful with threads and pressing.