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Friday, 27 April 2012

Kitty's Quilt

I have finished Kitty's quilt and handed it over - huzzah!  Kitty and her mum left on an extended holiday last night so I was under pressure to finish it and get it washed and ready before they left. 

thanks to Kitty's mum for doing the holding in Laughing Boy's absence

the beautiful girl and her first ever quilt
The backing fabric is home dec stiffness and matches the curtains in her nursery.

I loved making this quilt.  It's the first that I have quilted and bound (binded?!) for about a year I think so it was a great way to jump back in.  I was reminded how slippery a walking foot can be and had to remind myself how to sew on binding (particularly mitred corners).  I consulted Elizabeth @ Oh Fransson's fab tutorial and produced my finest corners to date!  I remembered how much I LOVE squaring up a quilt after quilting in preparation for binding - it is sooooooo satisfying and gave me a real kick.  I also love hand sewing the binding once it's been machined on.  Jamie Cat loved sitting on the quilt on my lap as I sewed.  And it was lovely and crinkly when it came out of the washing machine (late late Wednesday evening!).  Kitty's mum loved the straight line quilting - even though I think it's not all that and a bag of chips - which shows that it's best to relax and accept that simple is good. 

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for her (last for a while) Finish it up Friday and feeling a wee bit chuffed :)


  1. cute baby! and I like the randomness of your quilt.

  2. Adorable baby....precious quilt! good job!

  3. Lovely quilt - and babies look so cute on quilts!

  4. It's a lovely quilt - simple is often really charming, and in this case it definitely is - and a bag of chips!

  5. The quilt turned out great! In years to come she'll still love it (bound) =D

  6. this is such a sweet quilt. i love it

  7. We love the quilt, Moira you are a star! When she's done rolling about on it I will put it on her bed. I get so many compliments on the quilt and everyone wants to know where I got it from :-)
    Kitty's mum x