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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

for pleats sake....

I'll let you into a secret - I feel that I'm a bit of a try-hard.  I mean, I tend to try too hard to get people to like me and it can be kind of off-putting, to me at least.  I know it's because I am a little shy and need to push myself so that I'm not a wallflower but I can really annoy myself by sounding too ingratiating.  Recently, I have used my sewing hobby as a way to get people to like me - dumb huh? If someone admires something I've made, I offer to make them one in almost a Pavlovian response!  It's mostly cos I like making stuff, but I worry that people find it a bit pushy so I think I need to control myself a bit more.  The wee man and I were out with friends a few weeks ago and one mentioned that it was her sister's birthday the next day and she needed to get a present but hated shopping. I jumped in and offered to make a bag for her.  The offer was accepted but I couldn't shake the feeling that I had pushed this onto her and made it difficult to say no.  I made the bag (the same as this one), dropped it off the next day and fretted about being pushy for the rest of the weekend.  Her sister loved the bag though so perhaps I should stop over thinking it all.

Anyway, another friend asked if I could make a bag for her sister's birthday.  I jumped at the chance (obviously!) and showed her some of the bags I'd made for myself so she could choose a style.  I just love the pattern she chose - I think this is the fourth time I've used it - so it was a joy to knock this up....

Melody Miller Viewmaster fabric - sigh!

lovely pleats
lined with Jessica Levitt (Timber)
The lining fabric was originally bought 2 years ago to back the quilt I submitted for this years Bloggers Quilt Festival so I was pleased to finally used it and I think it works well.  I'm delivering this to Mrs W on Thursday and am hoping she likes it.  I've given her an opt out, just in case!

Lonking up with Jenna's Manic Monday Linky party....

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  1. I can relate to the try hard thing, although I am not that shy so I don't know what my excuse is ;-). You always come across as lovely to me and I love seeing the beautiful things you made. This bag being a prime example x

  2. I love the Viewmaster fabric and the bag you've turned it onto is divine. I'm another who constantly tries too hard to make people like me. I didn't used to be shy until I had my children and lost my social confidence a bit.
    And I am super grateful that you offer to make things for people because the fact that you are making my name-tag for the retreat has honestly made my day. I will be forever grateful to you xxxx

  3. Don't over think it. It's just a natural thing for you to do. I'm sure she was pleased that you offered and If she loved the bag then even better!
    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the things you make, the bag looks great! Wish I could make them..I'm trying too =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  4. It's a great bag - love it!
    It's normal to want to be liked :) Don't fret!

  5. I think we're own harshest critic, especially when our heads are evaluating how others perceive us. Those are familiar "head conversations" that I've had too! You do lovely work... it seems like it was well received! I love this bag you made... I have some of the Viewmaster fabric that I purchased the other day and I may have to follow your lead and make it into one of these! Love the pleats!

  6. This is so funny. I was just thinking about making this bag, yesterday. and so perhaps I will. I, too, have those "head conversations"

  7. Wow..just read you blog for the first time...found it whilst looking for pics of other peoples "for pleats sake" efforts. I just made a bag in this pattern recently for my sister in the UK which she will receive shortly so I hope she likes it. I think you are amazing that you offer to make things for people..I hope that the recipients appreciate all the time and effort (and love) thats goes into the creations you sew. You are a very generous soul.

  8. You gave away viewmaster fabric?????????????