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Friday, 11 May 2012

One woman's fugly......

So earlier in the week, I decided to scrap the name tag I was making for my secret swap partner for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in June (eek!) and start again so I went in hunt of the remaining fabric.  I hunted and hunted and ended up pulling ALL the fabric out of my stash and reorganising it, before remembering where I had put it for safe keeping - d'oh!  The upside was that I reacquainted myself with my stash and pulled some potential fuglies for Lucy's fugly fabric party II...

Charm About You

Then I started to waiver - maybe I liked some of them after all, maybe I could use them in not yet planned projects and so slowly they have been finding their way back into the cupboard (or rather on the scruffy pile to go back in the cupboard).  Finally today I relented and released the following from captivity....

I yard of Joel Dewberry Lily  GONE
1 yard Spellbound for Westminster Fabrics GONE
thin FQ Valerie Wells GONE
All three were bought "early doors" just as I was finding my feet, fabric buying wise.  The top two were from other people's destashing so I thought I was getting a bargain but never really liked them that much. The bottom was a real lesson - ordered from a v. popular UK shop and they sent a thin FQ not a normal FQ even though I asked for a normal FQ and wouldn't exchange it!  Needless to say, I have never darkened their doors (virtual or real) again!

So they are yours - not sure what I would like in exchange.  I am a Melody Miller obsessive but that's not really a fair swap.  Maybe some solids?  or even a week Zakka handmade? I am open to suggestions


  1. Love your Joel Dewbeery . I am link #4 Amy in UK in the swap if you want to see what I have to swap... Some of it is pretty fugly ;)

    1. cool Amy - swap you Joel for your carnaby stripy FQ?

  2. Sorry, Carnaby is already gone but the very last fq listed (salmon coloured striped one) is still available. Is that the one you mean?

  3. Do you still have the thin FQ? I'm 8 on the list =D

  4. Interested in the stripe look at "spellbound". Everything is still there but autumn one. Might be to Fugly for you. But take a look and email me!

  5. I want to see your new name tag :) I really should join Lucy's Fugly swap, I have plenty of them in my stash ;-)