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Monday, 14 May 2012

not quite phew yet...

After faffing around for aaaages, starting and not finishing tag after tag, wondering what else to include, I finally stopped over thinking and got on and did.  Not quite "phew!" yet because I still have to parcel up and get it in the post but I'm one step closer to easing my secret FQ Retreat name tag partner's nerves.  (She's already voiced concern about her lack of tag on Flickr *hangs head in shame*). 

So I decided on a series of firsts...
  • to embroider her name and blogname - I've never embroidered anything before AND my tag partner is a super embroidery whizz!
  • to do it free hand - clearly I was a bit brain melty
  • to make a zipper pouch to go with it - again, never before attempted
Here are what is about to be posted:

name covered, although I'm sure she doesn't read my blog
so this may be a futile gesture!
Not much of a tag huh?  It's all about the embroidery so I'll put up a full photo once she has received it.  Apologies to my tag partner for what she is about to receive.  It's got a clasp on the back but I've included some red ribbon to make a lanyard, which makes it look a little like a Jim'll Fix It badge (in a funny light, at a funny angle...)

zippered pouch from MM fabric (be still my heart!)

lined with some Heather Ross
I enjoyed making this pouch (used Elizabeth's pattern) and did the whole end of zip cover tab thingy.  There are a few obvious mistakes but it's usable and I have run out of time so apologies again.  Having kind of stalked my partner via her blog and twitter over the last couple of months, I also added a bag of scrap fabric to the pouch as she is making a scrap quilt and was asking around for some decent scraps.  I hope that helps redress the disappointment she will feel!

This weekend, the wee man slept A LOT so I also managed to finish that laptop bag for my sister that I was banging on about a while back....

the outside is Oslo fabric

the inside is some Circa50
I was guided by a couple of online tutes - Amy's Creative Side and Amy a la Mode - and am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  there are a couple of things I'd do differently (like a better co-ordinating thread for that ribbon!) but I think she will like it.

Now (once I have been to the Post Office), I have to start sorting out my supply list for the FQ Retreat - not long now!

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  1. I would be chuffed to get that name tag and zippy and I am sure your partner will feel the same!

  2. The name tag is cute and the pouch, love the colours! Great laptop case! =D

  3. Oooh, lovely name tag- I can see the set up, it's going to be great!