Finished Quilts

Thursday, 31 May 2012

two sleeps to go...

...until the Big Weekend and I think we're all getting a wee bit giddy.  I received my name tag yesterday and it's really cute, made with selvedges!

All I know is that it was made by Gemma (no more deats) - so I hope to give her a big thank you hug at the weekend.  I have STILL to prep for two of my classes but that's tonight's plan.

So this week has pretty much been focused on FQR preparations and not much else.  I did finish another two granny square blocks...

My blue blocks... green, pink red and yellow and possibly brown next!
I'm loving making these blocks and I think the end quilt will look good but I'm swithering whether it's the right one for a cute-beyond-words 9 month old girl.  Well after I received  a (caught by customs booo!) package from Hawthorn Threads this week, I have changed my mind and Evie will be getting a simple patchwork Flea Market Fancy quilt...

cutting has commenced!
It's gonna look pretty much like one of Ashley Film in the Fridge's FMF quilts so should be super fast to finish.  I need to thank Lucy from Charm about You for removing my blinkers re FMF :)

One last thing, I've joined my first quilting bee!  Woop Woop!  It's called Quilt Around the World II and I think it's a really neat idea - here's the link come join us!


  1. It is all too exciting! I have my stuff for the retreat packed and my things for my hols not packed :)

  2. Cool badge! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Awesome looking badge and great Granny blocks! It is a pain to pay customs when you've already paid a delivery charge! =D