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Saturday, 29 September 2012

beauty school drop out

Yesterday I dyed my hair pinky orange.  It was meant to be auburn but it defo isn't the colour on the box!  I look like Frenchy off of Grease (and not in a good way!).  I will admit that it does look better at night, in the dark.  So thank goodness for the lovely Amy Crafty Shenanigans.  A while back I signed up for her Craft It Forward mahoojy and received some lovely papercraft items this week...

lovely envelopes - the paper is think and glossy and beautiful

with sewing decorated notelets, gift tags and a thank you card
My mum was a great paper crafter and so I especially like these gifts.  You rock young Amy!

So (stealing the rules directly from Amy),  now it is my turn to "Craft if Forward". If you would like a handmade gift from me, add a comment below and say so! I will make and send you a gift {handmade by me} to the first five interested people. You will receive your gift in the next nine months. You, in return upon receiving your homemade gift, will create a blog post showing what you received from me and then ask for comments in the post for interested and willing participants. You then have nine months to make something for the five interested people.
I'd love to make you something so what do you say?

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  1. Oh commiserations on the hair. If it's any consolation I once got a perm which made me look like a toilet brush. Your package from Amy must have cheered you up though:-) Sadly I can't sign up for your craft it forward because I'm still making three Pay it Forward gifts!