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Monday, 3 September 2012

the rhythm of life

I'm one for rhythm.  I mean I love Strictly Come Dancing and often imagine myself being able to do a passionate Argentinian tango, all staccato legs and whipped hair.  At the moment, I'm all Anne Widdecombe!  Stomping around in a guddle, trying to look poised and elegant but getting nowhere with the maximum of effort.  I need to simplify things, take the stress out, relax my shoulders and find life's rhythm again.  So I've jumped on the wagon for at least a month, I've cancelled my keep fit class for the rest of the year (half 8 on a Monday night with a teething wee man just wasn't working) and I've tweaked my working days to suit a little better.

And, I'm going to join Catherine's band of slow bloggers

Knotted Cotton

I'm going to stop stressing about all the projects I want to start and do the ones I've got on the go when I can.  So after a week of stomach flu (me) and extreme teething (the wee man), I finally managed to finish my BQS3 quilt....

went for straight line quilting but I think it works
I'm a wee bit chuffed about the crisp corners!
the whole package before it gets wrapped up
I do hope my partner likes it.  She is such a good quilter that I was worried that she would be disappointed at my lame quilting efforts but I think it works and in the spirit of simplification, in this case less is more ;-)

When I was feeling right sorry for myself a couple of days ago, I got my BQS3 package from the delightful Terri and it perked me up no end

It is exquisite and quite the most beautiful thing anyone has ever made me.  It came wrapped in lovely blue tissue paper and included chocolate, a pin cushion and a key fob (all echino), a beautiful embroidered card and some really neat embroidery patterns (which I forgot to include in the photo sorry).  I love being in swaps because people are soooooo generous and make such beautiful things.

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful, simple quilting is effective too. I'd be glad to receive it!
    What a fun package in return =D

  2. Wow your corners are definitely crisper than mine! The straight line quilting suits your mini just fine.

    What a fab gift bundle to receive - the quilting is exquisite. Lucky you!

  3. I think you sure be very proud of your quilt...heck, you figured it all out by yourself. I wish I was your partner getting that quilt;-)

    blessings, jill

  4. I love your mini - so gorgeous! I wish I could get corners like that - so perfect! The quilt you received is beyond amazing, what a treasure x

  5. Your mini is a stunner! The one you received just beautiful too! As for taking it slow, a girls gotta do .... And if,that means regrouping, good,for,you taking charge and making the changes that you need. It's a difficult,thing to see,let alone put,into,practice, keep doing what's right for you and the wee ones and all will be good :). x

  6. Your mini is gorgeous and I am sure that your partner will love it! The mini you got is also fab and is like Echino soft porn ;-)

    As for slowing down - you do whats best for you and your family xx

  7. Moira that is so amazing!! The mini is fantastic! I adore those fabrics. Damn I wish I was in that swap ;)

  8. I think your mini is beautiful - the straight quilting really sets it off. Wish it was mine:-)

  9. Good on you for deciding to slow things down a little! Your mini is gorgeous - I love that feather pattern.

  10. I love your feathers Moira.
    The quilting is just right for it too.

    And I am so happy for you that you received such a great one in return.

    Gorgeousness all round darl.

  11. Wow, crazy neat corner! Lovely mini quilt :)

  12. Strictly starts again soon!! Hurray.
    The straight line quilting suits the quilt perfectly. It's a lovely little quilt.
    The one you received is gorgeous too.

  13. Thanks Moira for my lovely mini! Oh, the other goodies were/are lovely. Chocolate was had the same day I received the parcel.