Finished Quilts

Friday, 28 September 2012


We've had a lot of visitors over the last couple of weeks and they all stay in our spare room, which is also my sewing space so it's been very quiet sewing wise round here.  No fabric strewn all over the shop, no thread cut-offs on the floor, no spare pins stuck into the mattress for safe keeping, no scraps or selvedges kicking round the outside of the scraps basket.  All very neat and tidy and full of people!
Last night however I reclaimed my space and the mess has returned.  I am trying to make a quilt before Saturday *never going to happen* as we're off to a little birthday party but I have at least finished the quilt top..

it's actually square - I didn't have anyone to hold it for me!
Lots of HSTs made using my 12 1/2" square ruler (LOVE!) and the sewing round all four sides then cutting into quarters way.  It's for one of the wee man's little buddies and came together really quickly.  I even managed to have some sharp points!  Result.  So I finished it last night (ahem...needs another ironing...ahem) and then spent an inordinate amount of time trying to decide what to back it with.  In the end and seconds before I was about to press "BUY", I found some Ikea fabric that I think works well...

Iron me too please thank you!
The pieced front is a little serious for a 1 year old now I look at it (I was going for a little sophistication as she is adorable with a very regal smile) so I think that this will bring to fun into the quilt. 

I've decided (perhaps rashly) to make quilts for another three of the wee man's wee friends so I have a shed load to do, although all mums have been advised that they may receive the quilts a little later than the birthdays.  And there was me taking things slow....;-)


  1. Oh my goodness you sound very busy indeed! The quilt top looks great and the backing is perfect!

  2. That a lot of baby quilts! ;-)