Finished Quilts

Monday, 25 February 2013

knowing when to stop

I have sewn the same two pieces of fabric together incorrectly about 4 times now...

apologies for the creases in the fabric -my MIL's cat prefers to bed down on my
perfectly cut and pressed fabric when I forget to put it away (i.e. all the time) 
And the bulb in Bertha has gone (it was only changed in January).  I think the sewing goddesses are trying to tell me to stop and have some wine. I mean what else could it be, right?

Anyway, here's where I'm up to...

Charlie's quilt in the making
Oh, and my February Lovely Finish is staring at me... untouched...judging.... So I'm definitely calling it quits for today.   


  1. You were obviously distracted by the sound of the wine calling you, you must answer that call! ; )

  2. Exactly what Angela said ;-)

  3. Once you get your head around the orientation you will find that the quilt comes together really quickly. It is going to be a lovely quilt. Di x

  4. Wine o'clock! Hope it all looks better this morning :)