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Sunday, 3 February 2013


Many moons ago, my friends and I were tagged with the nickname "the turbo skirts" which was not really meant as a compliment ;).  However, we decided to reclaim the term and have been known as the skirts ever since (mostly by ourselves!).  Skirts Lunch is one of my favourite things to do - we don't do it often these days due to geography and family commitments but we have one planned for March so I'm already getting a little bit excited (it usually starts with Prosecco - eek!).

The thing that got me thinking about Skirts Lunch today is my planned lovely finish for Feb.  My sister P asked me to make a skirt using this panel from Spoonflower...

you can tell by the creases that this has been sat around for a while!
Here's a link to the panel on Spoonflower for a more accurate idea of what it's all about -  The thing is P asked for this to be made as a present for her birthday LAST October - oops!  So it's my deffo finish for this month and hopefully will kickstart my dressmaking dreams (I do hope so).

In other news, I have finally made Trash's January bee block for the FQR Bumblies.  the brief was our interpration of a dish and she provided some Pinterest inspiration.  So here goes....

my own design!
 It still needs a good iron but it will be heading her way this week.  And I'm all caught up on bee blocks for once :)

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  1. Love your block for Trash; very creative and fab colours! I love the look of the skirt too, it's such a cool idea to have it printed on a panel - can't wait to see it finished! Hope that red tasted good ;) XXXXX

  2. Ace block for Trash! I am stil in avoiding mode as I am lacking in inspiration ;-)

  3. Cute block! I'm intrigued by the skirt panel - will be interested to see how it works out!

  4. Cool skirt panel! Love your block too, looks like it was fun to make :o)

  5. Ooooo I am intrigued by the Spoonflower skirt! Does it work like Clothkits? I need to finish (er... start) my block for Trash too - yours is great x

  6. Ace block. I will be interested to know how you get on with the skirt making and how difficult it is. Di x

  7. Ooo! So excited to see how people have interpreted the brief for the block. Thanks for this one, I live it.