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Friday, 1 February 2013


It's the 1st of Feb - a pinch and a punch and all that.  For me it's all about the numbers... 

7 sleeps until we go on the wee man's first overseas holiday (a flight into the unknown!)

31 days of no booze behind me.  Team Nelly (named in memory of my mum) has raised just shy of £2,000 between us and this puts us amongst the Top 20 fund raising teams in Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon.  Our team target was £1,600 so we're stoked.  Many thanks to those of you who have already donated (expect a little something something in the post).  There's still time to donate if you'd like:

1 quilt started and finished in the same month - this is a first for me!

Jack's quilt, simply quilted but effective I think
1 quilt top finished...

rory's quilt
8 scarves made and 7 gifted to friends...

and almost no new fabric purchased!  I say almost because John Lewis had a half price sale and I bought some butterfly fabric to back a quilt I'm planning for my niece.  I'd show you a photo but I've tidied it away in that special place and will need to find it again first.

Phew!  Before I wander off and open this....

I'm linking with A Lovely Year of Finishes 2013, Crazy Mom Quilts and Fresh Sewing Day

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  1. Well done on the dryathon. I am impressed with your makes and a quilt made in one month is impressive. Di x

  2. I am so impressed on every level (whatever the number)! Well done you XXXX

  3. Congratulations on a wonderful month in more ways than one. I'm hoping you're off somewhere warm and sunny!

  4. You've done well :-) Feet up and sip slowly ;-)

  5. Yay! Go Team Nelly! What a fantastic total raised.
    Well done darl. I am so proud of you.
    I love your triangles - I still can't get my head around triangle seam allowances/sewing together.
    Hope you have a fab holiday.

  6. Well done on your dryathlon: my brother managed his month as well. Great makes in January

  7. *Fabulous* triangle quilt, and I really like the way you quilted it. I'm curious now how you will quilt Rory's quilt. (love the blues and greens for that one!) For me, that's the hardest part---deciding how to quilt. Something to improve this year, no? :-) Also, I'm so impressed with your fundraising for the Drylathon; what a great thing to do. I'm sure it will be appreciated. ♥

  8. well done you...... for both the beautifully stunning quilt, and for not touching a drop x

  9. Congratulations on all those lovely finishes AND on the dryathon, all in a great cause! : )

  10. Well done you on everything! Love Jack's quilt and hope you have a fab holiday

  11. Well done for your dry month and woo hoo for some gorgeous makes!

  12. Well Done Moira! You've had a fantastic month on every level! Happy Holiday!

  13. How fab are all those triangles and very impressed with starting and finishing quilt in a month! I love your fabric combos for the scarves - all very very nice!

  14. Looks amazing, thanks for joining TGIFF!

  15. Hope you're enjoying your holiday, well done on the dryathon and on all the quilts!