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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 27..on fire..

I still hanker after my indie roots and I have had this Kasabian song in my head all day

...partly because the wee man's temperature has fluctuated between burny hot hot and cold as ice for the past few days (this blog does seem a little like a record of health or otherwise of my family - for which I apologise).  This current poorliness has meant big naps during the day which has mean that I've been on fire, sewing wise.  Firstly, the backing for Jack's quilt is finished....

the grass was covered in snow last night when we went to bed!
Jack's dad is in the RAF and I managed to find some RAF plane liberty fabric on Etsy..
not very clear, I'm afraid
 so incorporated it into the back.  The quilt is sandwiched (not very well though) and basted and the binding has been made so my main job this week is to quilt and bind before Friday.  Still 50/50, I reckon.

Because I am starting to feel really guilty about other promised b-day quilts that haven't materialised yet and spurred on by Kelly's fab quilt, I dug out some blocks I started last year and finished the top for Rory's quilt...

hungry hippos!
I wish I hadn't cut up the yellow hippos ages ago as they would have made a better contrast but given that I did not feel the love at the start of this quilt, I am happy with how it's come together.  Now to work out the backing (from stash only!).

As the end of my Dryathlon is in sight and I have already met my target (thank you!), I have also been making some thank you gifts for friends who have donated to the cause.  Here's one of the scarves I've just finished...

Some herringbone wool-like fabric from John Lewis two years ago and Liberty lawn dandelions, bought at the 2010 Festival of Quilts.  Stash only :).  I've already made another identical one and have other things planned for this week's post office visit.  I think I still have enough Liberty left to make a top with, which was the reason it was bought in the first place.  The whole dressmaking goal for this year fills me with joy and dread!

Now, anyone for a sing-along.......


  1. Blimey, you have been busy! I know what you mean about the long naps though! They kind of carried on as well after Dan was better at around the same age, which is nice! I'm dreading the daytime naps being over though ;) Beautiful makes and glad the end is nigh. Have one for me on Friday :)

  2. Ooooh, those scarves are pretty, lovely you for giving them to your donors, and well done for meeting your target :D

  3. Now I will have that song in my head all night! Loving your quilts and we'll done on your dryathlon, my brother has been doing it too

  4. Wow you are on fire! Fab progress, well done you.

  5. Your quilts are great and you have done really well with your dryathon. Now please get that song out of my head! Di x

  6. You are going great guns! Love those hippos:-)

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