Finished Quilts

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

to infinity and beyond....

Well, some sewing has occurred...woop woop!  Firstly, I finished the four figure of 8/infinity scarves using the kits I bought from Brenda Pink Castle.  as mentioned, I cut everything in half so got 4 out of 2, which was nice....

The eagle-eyed amongst will have noticed only 3 scarves in the photo above.  Scarf #4 is the runt of the litter and not fit for display, therefore I shall keep it for myself. I had a b*gg*r of a time sewing the voile (as per usual for me) with it moving and shifting, even though I pinned for Scotland and used my walking foot. The other three worked out so much better and are gifts for friends. 

You may also notice that the one of the right has an infinity kink in it - I could lie but basically I forgot to untwist it before I sewed it into a loop and hence the infinity nature of it.  Still, it works and matches some pattern or other I'm sure.  I'm glad I cut them in half as I think 18" width would be too much (Mina - I photographed them like this so you can see how wide 9" and 18" would be).   I'll be making more but need a break to work out just how to sew voile without driving myself insane.

Last night, I also finished my second FQR Kinky Bumblie Bee block for Liz - she has been very patient with me as the blocks should have been with her in November *hangs head in shame*

photo taken on a pillow hence the slight undulation!
the first block, needing an iron still
So both blocks will be posted tomorrow and I'm feeling a little better all round.

Off to pick some crusty snot off of the wee man - the bugs never go, they just swap hosts!


  1. Love those bee blocks. I would like to tell you that they eventually grow an immune system, but I would be lying ;-)

  2. Great scarves and blocks, especially like the second one. There's something secretly satisfying about picking crusty snot off small children!!! xx

  3. Aww still snot harvesting? Sucks. LOVE last block especially!

  4. I love your selvedge blocks! Picking snot is a bit like picking scabs - soooo much fun!

  5. Love that shot! I know now that I will be going with my first instinct and cutting mine in half.