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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2

As you probably know, I'm a Scot. In Scotland, the 2nd of January is a public holiday (mainly becuase everyone is still celebrating/getting over Hogamney) and even though I've lived in England for a wee while now, I have never gotten used to people going to work on the 2nd.  I have pretty much always taken it as a holiday - it's the only civilised thing to do!


Today is also Day 2 of my Dryathlon attempt, where I have sworn off the booze for the entire month of January, in support of Cancer Research UK (and in memory of my mum).  I've never been an athlete before and now for this month at least I'm a dryalthlete! Now I love my wine so it's not as easy as it sounds. If you are keen to support me and help raise money for Cancer Research please go to my justgiving page and pledge some dosh:

Thank you (and my liver thanks you too!)


  1. I'm at work today for the first time in years (usually holiday/my working pattern means I'm off) and I know what you mean - work on Jan 2nd just seems WRONG!

    Good luck with your Dryathlon!

  2. Good luck! I don't officially return til next Monday, but am sat working and not liking it!

  3. I had to work today too, but they are so lovely that they let us all go home at lunchtime.

    Good luck on your dry-a-thon. Working with a Scot, I know how hard a challenge this might be ;0P Great cause xxxx

  4. Good luck! Working on the 2nd is just plain wrong ;-)

  5. Good luck with your dry-a-thon. I can give you some sponsor money when we are at Tanya's. Di x

  6. Best of luck with it, lovely x

  7. Joined you in the month of terrible deprivation and in anticipation of the huge glass of red wine waiting at the finishing line have sent a wee donation which includes a falling off the wagon penalty. It was only once...