Finished Quilts

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Bertha Janome is poorly sick and so no sewing has taken place since Christmas Eve Eve.  So it seems like the right time to take stock of 2012, even though I haven't had a glass of wine yet (I'm waiting for the darts to start before I do!).   Like a lot of you, this year has whizzed past for me.  Full of experiences, good and not so good, I have been amazed at how much sewing I've gotten done with the wee man here.  I've started AND finished 5 quilts

OK, it includes a mini and three baby quilts but it's a start!
And, I've started but not finished three more, still not finished a UFO from way back, and have pulled the fabric for three others.  Oh, and I have the bee blocks made for the wee man's quilt that I need to start putting together.  My current excuse is that I'm out of wadding so my fabric voucher I got for Christmas may be put to great use soon.

I've become a bag lady....

bags, purses, covers
I love Jeni's drawstring bag so much I just bought the pattern so I don't have to work out the maths to make different sizes.  Lisa's for pleat's sake and graceful kelly patterns have been put to great use.  I haven't taken photos of all my bag makes due to being a numptie but it seems to have been a "thing" for me this year.  I have plans for more and different ones next year.  I made the latest For Pleat's Sake for my MIL Carol and she made me promise to show this photo of it.....

she's a massive Rafa fan!
I joined some great bees and made these....

tried to push myself to do new-to-me blocks
I've really enjoyed beeing around - everyone is so sweet and so it makes me want to make something extra special each time. 

And then some random stuff I made -a wheelchair cosy, a swap or two, a baby blanket and applique tops for little people....

I guess if I had to choose, the wheelchair cosy was probably my best make this year.  I designed it myself and managed to sew it onto my mum's favourite table cloth. My blog post about it got picked up by website:  and loads of folks read about it.  It's a pity it didn't get used so much by my mum but we've donated it to the hospice so hopefully someone will enjoy it.

I've got big plans for next year but first need to get Bertha fixed (and watch the darts!).

Have a grand Hogmaney and see you on the other side x


  1. A whole year of awesome makes! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you, albeit online, but I look forward to sewing with you more in 2013 (and maybe meeting you, Notts Forest aside of course ;)) Enjoy the darts and your wine and have one for me! Cheers! XXXXX

  2. Wonderful year of makes :-) Hope Bertha can be fixed soon so that you can get on with the big plans!

  3. Moria, that is a big list of successful makes. Get Bertha sorted and you will be rolling in 2013! Di x

  4. Well done on a great year, especially with the bags! Hope Bertha's sorted soon!

  5. Gorgeous makes (and well done on the wheel chair cosy!) I'm so glad I met you this year x

  6. You have lots of fabulous makes there. Look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for sewing

  7. Lovely, lovely makes. I. Hope poor old Bertha is up and running soon. Here's to a great 2013!

  8. What a fabulous year of makes Moira! Hope Bertha is fixed soon, and shout if you need wadding! Just sayin! Happy Hogmanay! Here's to an exciting 2013! x

  9. Gorgeous makes Moira. I have loved getting to know you a bit better this year, here is to 2013 xx

  10. Gorgeous stuff, Moira! Look forward to seeing what you get up to this year!