Finished Quilts

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Another sewing-light week for me this week.  I've said many times before on here that I get project overload in my head and it leaves me stalled.  I've been fretting this week about bee blocks and swap items whilst at the same time dreaming about becoming a dressmaker and also fretting about two quilts that need quilted and then dreaming about a great quilt I just have to make whilst printing out lots of tops/bag patterns.  Oh and I dreamt that I was in a pasta recognition competition with David Moyes (Everton football manager WFT?!) and he kept insisting that macaroni were dowels.  I mean you can't make that sh*t up!  I think this is what broken sleep does to me.

Laughing Boy got bored of my took pity on my pathetic whining and has taken the wee man off to his nana's for the day to let me catch up.  I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to but I have finished something....

Modern She Made swap item....I think....

backed with quilted AMH flannel and Essex linen binding
The paper pieced star was going to be part of a mini quilt/sewing machine cover combo but just kept whispering "but I'm a cushion" to me every time I tried to fashion something else out of it.  I did some simple echo quilting using Aurifil 28 in 2150.  I was lucky....

this is how much was left after quilting
A wee glimpse of my sewing area there - as you can see, my machine is in front of my computer, which is mad really, space wise and distraction wise.  It works for most piecing and small stuff.  I move down to the kitchen for quilting and big piecing stuff.  You can also see the lovely hoop that Helen (Indianna Dreams) made for me as part of the last MSM swap and just behind the machine and in front of the speaker, a fab basket Liz Dandelion made me as part of another swap.

I'm pleased with my cushion/pillow cover. I'm not convinced that it will make the final cut - I think I need some space away from it first. 

Hope you are all keeping warm.  It's freezing out there x


  1. Your cushion looks fab! That project overload thing sounds soooo familiar!!

  2. I think that your star needed to be a cushion too, but then I like making cushions! Your sewing space is very tidy - mine is out of control at the moment! Di x

  3. I love the cushion, it is fabulous, if you need some time apart send it to my house, i'll take care of it for you! ;o). Is the backing Essex Yarn Dyed Denim, it has a really soft look to it. x

  4. I thnk it's just beautiful. I also know what you mean about getting stressed over things you want to make!

  5. I love it - especially the quilting in orange! I think you should keep this as the swap item. Time spent apart in a cupboard (the cushion, that is) will work wonders and then you can feel all righteous when the shipping deadline because you have already done it :) BTW, it would happily live in my house too - I'll (pillow) fight Ange for it if necessary xxxx

  6. The cushion is fantastic!

  7. What a stunning cushion, it is gorgeous. I love the fabric and colour combos you have used.

  8. Is that the good luck star? How on earth did you piece that with it all meeting in the middle? I had to stick a great big fabric button in the centre of mine!