Finished Quilts

Monday, 15 October 2012

bee-ing a good girl

Saturday is my allocated day for a lie-in.  I'd rather it be Sunday but you take what you are given, right.  I used to have a "not before 10am" rule where I wouldn't even consider putting a toe out of bed before 10, let alone entertain any communication.  That was BWM - before the wee man.  Now, I can't sleep past 7, even on a Saturday. I try really hard to stay in bed and chillax but I usually get all het up about sewing that could be done (and a little envious of the raucous laughter from downstairs!).  So I get up and sew a bit, which is nice.

This Saturday, that meant catching up on some FQR Kinky Bumblies bee blocks.  Having made a right hash of cutting up the fabric for Sue's japanese + and - blocks that were due back in August and needing to ask for more, I finally bit the bullet and made them....

this is going to end up a pretty cool quilt, I think
I then got cracking on Jo's Polaroid blocks.  This meant spending time with The Stash and what's not to love about that!  I needed to find some suitable fabric to fussy cut and I was nearly done sewing them when it was my turn to do wee man duty.  I'm planning on finishing these tonight so will have something to show tomorrow.

Saturday night's alright for dancing too now so whilst watching Strictly, I finished the binding on Alex's quilt and got it in the washing machine sharpish...... October (just before the rain came!)

some DS Hope Valley stripes for the binding

I am still not in love with this quilt and keep seeing all the things I'd do differently but the girls at Tanya's Stitching Together night last Wednesday night were really nice about it so I should focus on that.  It's going to the lovely Alex tomorrow so I hope she and her equally lovely mum like it.

I really enjoyed Wednesday night with Tanya, Di, Heather and Helen and the cake was deeeeeeevine.  Heather is going to teach us crochet next time...gulp!


  1. That is a really lovely purple :)

  2. I love the colours! Gosh that happened to us too! Mother put clothes out then it started chucking it down! =D

  3. You should definately be thrilled with that quilt, it's gorgeous in real life..... and even if you don't, I've got a sneaky feeling that your friend and her daughter will love it.

    Planning to meet for Stitching it together (crochet lessons!) on Tuesday 6th November..... sorry it's a Tuesday not Wednesday, I hope that doesn't cause problems, but dates are already getting busy leading up to Christmas!


  4. The quilt is lovely - I think as quilters we always see the imperfections while in my experience the recipients just see the beauty!