Finished Quilts

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

totes emoshe!

I am so down with the kids (or so I like to think!). Except when it comes to making quilts for toddlers as I just can't embrace the primary colour style so the baby quilts I'm making are taking an age to come together.  I'll post some progress tomorrow, hopefully.

In the meantime and much more excitingly, a fabulous package arrived on my doorstep from Saskatoon, Canada yesterday - the most fabulous Mouthy Stitches tote bag EVER.  I may have had a wee tear....

it's got it all!

The super talented Patti (blog:, Flickr ID: retiredtoquilt) has made a wondrous thing of beauty and indulged my love of all things Melody Miller and Echino.  This bag has already had a trip out to be shown off to the agog shoppers of Morrisons.  Patti was so considerate that as part of her stalking she saw that I'd received a couple of really cool webbing based key fobs and made me a different kind.  I love the hand quilting, the colours and the Tula frogs!  It is perfect and I continue to be bowled over by the fab-u-lous creations of all my Bee and Swap partners.

Check out Patti's blog - she makes awesome things.  Istarted following her when I joined the Mouthy Stitches swap and saw her inspiration mosaic and thought now there's a woman with style. I am IN.LOVE. with her feather cushions (the Tickled series)...

check them out here @
Thank you so much Patti - you are a star!


  1. Wow, that tote is a thing of beauty!!!

  2. That's very cool! I live in Saskatoon and while we've exchanged emails, I haven't actually managed to 'meet' Patti yet. I pretty much think her work is fabulous.

    Great tote!

  3. Oh Moira, you make me blush! You were a fabulous partner to swap with, and I so "tickled" that you are happy with the tote and key fob!

  4. How amazing! Gorgeous tote and I love those cushions!

  5. So glad that you got such a gorgeous tote M.
    You deserve a goodun.
    I am well jell ;0)

  6. Wow what an awesome bag! It's so great to be able to show things off like that. Those cushions are gorgeous!!