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Saturday, 27 October 2012

BQF Fall 2012 - compliwhatsits

Amy's Creative Side

I love Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festivals.  They provide a fab chance to see some really inspiring work and to read the stories behind them.   2012 saw a return to quilting for me and I've decided to enter the Sparkler into the Fall 2012 Festival as it represents a number of firsts (but particularly because of the last on the list).
  • It was the first Quilt-along that I actually started let alone finished!  (even though it took me 6 months longer than the QAL! to complete). 
  • It was the first quilt I've finished where I had all the fabric cut out, blocks sewn and trimmed before I started to sew them together. I usually get bored during that bit and crack on before accepting that I need more blocks!
  • It was the first quilt I ever hand quilted.  I broke 3 black and gold quilting needles in the process!
  • It was the first quilt I ever put a label on, even though the label isn't about me ;)
  • It was the first quilt where I didn't use scrappy binding
  • When we were young, the family joke was that compliments were so rare they were called compliwhatsits.  This was the first quilt that my dad actually compliwhatsitted me on.  (hugs dad if you're reading this - that meant a lot ;))

organisation was key!

getting excited by how it might look

the final layout

mistakes happen!

first ever attempt at hand quilting

never as wide as you think they will be!

a gift for some lovely french friends
The Sparkler now resides on a sofa in south west Brittany, France and is looking forward to moving into its new house when it's completed.  They are building a room in it for the wee man, which is nice. :-)
Finished quilt measures: around 60" x 72"
Pieced and hand quilted by me
Best category: throw quilt, hand-quilted quilt


  1. You deserve a lot of complements on this one - it's LOVELY

    ; )

    Love this pattern, and love how you made yours!

  2. Oh well done Moira, its a really lovely quilt!

  3. Fabulous quilt! I love interlocking stars and these look wonderful.

  4. It is a real stunner, lovely, lovely quilt

  5. This is a superb quilt! And the fact that it is hand quilted makes it even more extraordinary. I love the "compliwhatsit" story!

  6. Every time I see this quilt I fall in love with it even more.
    Well done on all those firsts.

  7. This is such a lovely quilt, I get tempted every time I see one, and yours is very tempting Moira! Beautiful!

  8. I am determined to make one of these quilts some day... yours is gorgeous!

  9. Thank you for showing us this quilt. It indeed is
    a Sparkler. You must have great patience to keep all
    those star points sewn together correctly. Awesome
    hand quilting!

  10. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations on accomplishing a great set of firsts and for creating a beautiful quilt. Love the hand quilting! :)

  11. Stunning! Love the pattern and your fabric choices.

  12. love it Moira, I hope it wins you something to make up for having to give it away x

  13. It's gorgeous! Quite the list of firsts, too! You should be well familiar with compliwhatsits by the end of the festival, that's for sure.

  14. Really beautiful Moi, and really complicated!

  15. Really beautiful and I love you hand quilted it. I am sure your friends love it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. I can see what your dad compliwhatsits you on this - it is beautiful!

  17. Beautiful quilt - I love star quilts!

  18. Thats a lovely quilt, well done!

  19. Beautiful quilt, Moira. Love the colors and the nice touch of hand quilting.

  20. Wonderful quilt and way to jump in with the hand quilting. I tend to bend needles past usefulness when hand quilting :)

  21. I love your sparkle punch quilt. I have wanted to do this one since I first saw it!

  22. Fabulous quilt! Love the colors!