Finished Quilts

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

hash tag tuesday

Everyone knows I love a hash tag.  I use them in texts, on FB and sometimes in normal talk (complete with hash tag hand gestures  #suchaloser).  So when I was working on Betty's QATWII block, the air was thick with hash tags #quiltingisgoingtobethedeathofme, #followtheinstructionsFFS being two of the more acceptable ones.

Tuesdays are a half day working from home for me.  So after dropping the wee man off at nursery, I decided to get cracking and finish Betty's block as it's kind of gotten stuck in the loop #noblame.  She wanted pale pink/pale green/white only and her starter block was beautifully pieced.  I made a decision a while back that I would really push myself into making new to me blocks for the QATWII bee ladies.  I found this one on Anna's fab blog, loved it and thought it would take an hour of my morning before starting work.  #3hourslater......

not quite what I had planned but it's not bad for a first attempt #excuses

together with Betty's second starter block
I hope Betty thinks the green is pale enough.

#whatapalaver.  I think my problems stemmed from not having a clear enough work space.  I share my sewing space with my home office so I was trying to work around things when I should have taken the time to prepare properly.  My seam ripper has had a brutal work out this morning and the fabric placement is not what I wanted.  It was ok the first time I sewed the first pieces then I got all confused, ripped out and started again and got it wrong.  Still, it's kind of nice #relief.

So I have a massive number of hash tags to describe my Tuesday and it's only lunchtime!  At this stage it should be #gettowork but I've just had great news that my baby nephew is getting home from hospital after a few days there due to whooping cough so it is going to be #homeboy.

What's your hash tag Tuesday?


  1. Oh I love this diamond block! I am not sure what your original vision was but this is just lovely.

    My daughter had whooping cough last year when she was 4 months - total nightmare. I didn't dare let her sleep on her own in case she had a coughing fit that didn't wake me up and so it has impacted on her sleep ever since! However I am grateful she came out of it alive as it is beastly.

    My hashtag for today should be #stepawayfromthecomputeranddosomesewing

  2. Love this post Moira, you crack me up! My hash tag is #i am going to kill someone if they don't finish my car soon! I've been at kwik fit for over 2 hours!!

  3. I don't have any fabric in pale green #bollocks... Lovely block, and no surprises that you were swearing away while seam ripping, but it worked out great. For my block (considering you're trying new things), I would you to do one of these please #onlyjoking... Big love to you and yours :)

  4. ROFL! Thanks so much, gave me such a laugh! Right now it's #gotheefftosleepsoIcansew ;o)

  5. Your post made me laugh and laugh. The block is lovely - all bad experiences with the seam ripper aside!