Finished Quilts

Saturday, 6 October 2012


On Thursday I had one of those days where my pants seemed to have a massive disagreement with my trousers.  They were all over the shop.  I was also teaching my module for the first time in 18 months so it took all my concentration to keep my hands above waist level for the two hour session.  I should have guessed that meant Thursday would be trouble.  When I got home and sewed together my Mouthy Stitches tote bag, both the handles were sewn on back to front and upside down! Just like my pants!

So, it wasn't until last night that I finished the tote bag....

I tried to make a wonky chevron block but it didn't quite work as I'd hoped.  But the lovely comments on Flickr encouraged me to push on and I think it's a funky finish.  I added orange bias binding to the handles. I wanted to frame the block in orange but didn't have the right colour or thread to make it work.  Still I like it.  I interfaced with fusible fleece (Vilene H640)  but only on the sketch and block fabric not the radios.  Now I have to think about a key fob which I'm hoping to make without recourse to online shopping #doubtful.

Having finally conquered top stitching, I spent the rest of the evening (prior to Strictly Come Dancing of course) quilting Alex's quilt.  I'm using a guterman variegated thread which is working well.  I was worried about how it would look on the back as the fabric has a white background but it's looking good. 
slightly wonky straight line quilting

The only issue I am having is that every now and then, my thread bobbles....

can you see?
Any ideas on why this would be happening?  My aim is to get the quilting finished and the binding on one side in time for a trip to Tanya's on Wednesday night for cake and sewing and cake.

Now, where's my purse? #FQRticketsonsalein45minutes!


  1. The bag looks great! No idea why the thread did that though. Hope you got a ticket! Sadly I'll not be going this year :(

  2. ...and your pants?? Any solution there?? (tumbleweed here re: all the sewing talk hence my interest in the pants). Suffice to say, think you are amazingly talented and motivated and I love all that u do, and u know I mean more than sewing... Enjoy your cake on Weds!!!