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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

covert robin: done

The wee man and I are just back from a short break home in Scotland - it was too short! And I want to live there again :(  Hey ho, back to reality with a bump then.

the covert robin button

As I may have constantly whinged about mentioned, I joined up with the Covert Robin mystery swap. I will name names - Amy it was your fault!  Anyway, after struggling with coming up with an idea, I noticed that my partner seemed to like bags so I decided to deflower my noodlehead sidekick tote pattern. I'm not sure why it took me so long to break into this pattern - it is well written and straightforward.  I wanted to make one that could be seen as quite formal but used every day so decided against QAYG or fussy fabrics (at least for the outside).  It ended up like this....

I almost kept it for myself!
I've never put in a recessed zip before and it went ok.  I got a little giddy with some of the top stitching and wobbled about sending it - thank you to everyone who kicked me in the butt and told to get on with it.  Much appreciated.  I can't remember what the exterior fabric is - I got it a year or so ago - but it works well, I think.  The lining is from Patty Young Flora & Fauna - I'm slowly working my way through the 10000000000 metres of it that I seem to have.  I'm especially chuffed with making sure the luna moths are all facing the same way.
I do hope my partner likes it.  It's winging its way to her as I type.  I will definitely be making more of these in future.
Now, having failed miserably again with my planned finishes for March, I'm off to plan April a bit more rigorously....  after I check out the other Covert Robin makes ;-)


  1. Yay for you and well done - it looks like a lovely bag. I am so glad you participated - shall we do it again next year ?? ;-)

  2. Gorgeous! And I concur, that Amy is a terribly bad influence!!! :o)

  3. So cool! I love the two fabrics together - they are very fun! I've seen so many great bags lately, but I've always been afraid of making one.

  4. i love that bag! also, little imperfections make it more special i think - it means it was handmade - with REAL hands.

  5. Awesome bag! I love the inside fabric too!

  6. You sent it!! It is lovely and your partner will really like it. Di x

  7. Well done! It's a great bag & super colour combination! Kudos for trying something new too!

  8. I Love the lining! How did I miss this Covert Robin exchange? Where am I? Under a virtual rock? I have to be reminded o be on the lookout for it next year...