Finished Quilts

Friday, 26 April 2013


So my KCW Spring 2013 challenge hasn't gone quite as planned - life has gotten in the way a bit. However, last night,  I did manage to personalise a pack of 3 t-shirts (bought for £4 a while back) for the wee man, using some scraps and some freezer paper...

I love this one

I wouldn't use a pale fabric with a dark background like this again

my dad used to work on submarines so this is pretty cool
I used a ballpoint needle and sewed around the fabric patches after sticking them on using the freezer paper method.  It's such an easy and effective way of zhushing cheap tops up and making them a bit different.

I was partly knocked off my KCW course by the want to finish a couple of bee blocks off so that they can be hand delivered on Saturday...for Kate as part of the FQR Kinky Bumblie bees


They look a little wonky in the photos but are better IRL.

So Saturday (tomorrow!) is a long anticipated get-together for most of the Kinky Bee members, in the Liberty London Café.  I've booked myself a really good deal in a first class return which means a pretty early start but I'm giddy with excitement and can kip on the train so YAY!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Love the t-shirts!! So cool!
    Have fun tomorrow :)

  2. Have fun tomorrow, love those t-shirts! :o)

  3. You have really excelled with those tt shirts. Your young man will be the best dressed trend setter at nursery. See you tomorrow! Di x

  4. Ahhhh, EXCITED!!!!!! See you tomorrow lovely and get you and your shushing - love them all! XXXXXX

  5. That should say zhushing - I was auto-corrected! x

  6. Ooh they look fab lady! Have fun!

  7. Love the mixtapes!!! What a supercool wee dude he is :-)

  8. Love those T-shirts and hope you had a fabulous time today!

  9. This is my 3rd attempt at leaving a comment. (Feedly not very easy to comment with is it?)

    Love love love the cassettes T shirt. Great idea, might nick it for my 5 yr old!

  10. I hope you had a fab time at your meet up! love the t-shirts, especially the cassette one, your little one will have no idea what they are, even when he grows up! those blocks are stunning, fab design