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Monday, 8 April 2013

let's get ready to raaaaaaamble.....

....ok so it's the second week in April and Bertha has not been fired up approached at all in this month.  Granted, I was in Scotland for the first couple of days and while I was gone Laughing Boy decided to upset my idiosyncratically organised stuff and lose everything tidy my sewing space *tries hard to have a not-bothered face*.  Ok, I can't find ANYTHING anymore.  But it's given me a little time to think about why I was super productive at the start of the year and have become less and less so as the year as gone on.  Here is my answer.....

less not more!

I love wine, especially a big glass of juicy red.  Laughing Boy and I like a glass of wine with our tea of an evening.  BUT here's the catch... if I have a glass of wine, I am less likely to climb the stairs to do some sewing and more likely to veg on the couch in front of the gogglebox.  Not good. In January, I gave up booze for charity and one of the other benefits was to my sewing output.

So I have made a drastic decision.... I'm off the pop again until I catch up with myself.  Not sure how long it will last but I'm hoping to break the back of a mahoosive (and growingly stressing) to-do list before I fall off the wagon.  How hard can it be, right?

PS.  I do have a favourite PJ and Duncan tune...


  1. So if you give up the wine and see more you will also have more money to buy fabric. That is a definite win win situation! Go for it! Di x

    1. Sew not see. Darn autocorrecter!

  2. Awwww lookatta wee boys... lol
    You've prolly got a good point with your dry out, but couldnt you just have a glass in the sewing room?!

  3. I can always get so much more done in the evenings if I don't have a cheeky glass of something. It just makes me feel so lethargic

  4. Have the vino AFTER you sew! Win win!! And my fave Ant and Dec song is "Our Radio Rocks" - classic tune.

  5. I liked U Crazy Catz (or whatever the cool spelling was in the day), who knew they had so many "hits"?

    I'm the same though, if I have wine, or cider, or beer, or chocolate I end up watching a film or an ice hockey game and that's my entire evening over, which is probably why I get more done in the morning if I set my alarm early enough. I have been very rubbish lately which is not good because I have several patterns to write for a magazine. My new job means I don't get home til half past 6 when I used to be in before 5pm so I've lost a big chunk of day where I'd be productive (when waiting for tea to cook).

  6. Dear lord that is a bit drastic! I like Sarah's idea!