Finished Quilts

Thursday, 11 April 2013


A while back, a friend of mine asked if I could cover a seat cushion for her, for a telephone table brought from eBay.  Of course I jumped at it - I mean how hard could it be?  Then she dropped it off and I started to panic!  My production process has been a little like this...

{source: facebook}
My friend has been very patient!  So, since the big girl pants were out, I started crying working on it.  Here is the cushion that needs covered...

I'm not sure if you can see but the original upholstery has been hand sewn together (linen ticking on the back) with extra attention paid to the "divot" in one corner to accommodate a post on the telephone table.  What you might not be able to see is that this cushion is not square, each side has a slightly different "lean" and each corner has its own distinct character.  We had discussed fabrics and styles when it was dropped off and both loved the idea of a Melody Miller panel. It fits so well with my friend and her family's style. The panel we chose is a linen/cotton mix, so not home dec weight, and could be a bit of a worry but the seat is only going to be used by their wee girl to put her shoes on so shouldn't encounter too much wear (fingers crossed!).  To help with this, I decided to quilt the top of the cushion

how I wish I was over my FMQ wobbles!
Some organic straight lines and echo quilting with different threads worked well I think.

backed with Kona teal (envelope closure)
 So here it is in all its glory....


I have made a bit of a midden* with the recessed corner - I got a bit Tilly off of the Great British Sewing Bee, panicked and went "off piste". There is a dart in there to help to accommodate the post but it's not the neatest solution. I'm going to offer my friend the option of remaking it for her using a more suitable "pattern".  I like it though - I mean what's not to like.  A Melody Miller panel....hello!

*midden: Scottish for a pile of rubbish (or keech!)


  1. Oh I really didn't like Tilly, I'm not sure why she annoyed me so much. I liked Mark so now I'm backing Ann.

  2. Exactly - what's not to like? I wish I didn't love Melody Miller so much... x

  3. It looks fantastic, I'm sure your friend will be delighted!

  4. Lovely MM. Does the corner show up when insitu? It is a bit of a difficult shape to cover. Di x

  5. I say Well done - it looks very cool :)

  6. it looks good to me. I bet you no-one will notice the "midden" (which I can't see!), I think us sewers notice these things much more than "normal" people!

  7. Love your working style, I inevitably do that myself... And NOTHING Melody Miller can be keech. :-)

  8. You're too hard on yourself - I think it looks great! And I love your "process"….