Finished Quilts

Monday, 15 April 2013

KCW Spring 2013

I have a jam packed week planned.  Well, maybe a little slow for others but a busy one for me.

I intend to start and finish the quilting of this quilt tonight after tea....

Charlie's quilt - only 6 months late so far!
I've made the binding so I shall bind it tomorrow whilst watching The Great British Sewing Bee.  It will be finished, washed and ready to hand over on Friday morning - just pinky sweared myself!

Wednesday may be a trip to Tanya's - I need to check #excitedbythethoughtthough.  Thursday and Friday are prep days for the East Midlands MQG Weekender Bag Workout on Saturday (although I can only go for the morning because of football commitments made months ago!).  If I manage to get it all done before the weekend, I'll start my prep for this:

It's an online event run by a lady called Meg every season and challenges those who take part to work on making kids' clothes for (at least) one hour each day for a week. It's got its own website:, Facebook page and Flickr group. The Spring Challenge is from 22nd April to 29th April.  I'm gonna make the wee man some stuff!  Anyone want to join in?


  1. Thanks for this link Moira. I would love to play along with this - I have so many little girl dresses on my list!

  2. Not a lot going on your end then! See you Saturday. Di x

  3. Hey Moira...... we're not meeting for Stitching it Together this month - because of Easter holidays, and other pressures at this end. Sorry. But, I am hoping to still be able to make it on Saturday - so see you then xx

  4. That IS a busy week! A bit like mine! See you Saturday!

  5. Oh no, you're spending two days prepping for the weekend? I'm only getting the pattern from Ange on the day!

  6. Nah, that's busy by anyone's standards. I'll be hitting you up for weekender advice, just bought the pattern!