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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

progress and happy post

So day (or rather evening) #1 of my mission to get stuff done was greatly helped by there being footie on the TV. That meant I could retire to my sewing space without any bother.  I made a list of what I want to achieve this week and managed to complete the top two (which have been on the list a while):

QATWII Bee: crazy block for Suzy
Now, this really pushed me wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay out of my comfort zone.  I'd never hear of crazy blocks or quilts before and struggled with getting my head around what to do.  Then I saw what JoJo made and panicked even more (I could never make something that good!). Anyway, the big girl pants were all fluffed and folded waiting to be used so on they went and off I set.  My first attempt was binned after I made two basic errors, including leaving a massive iron mark on that I had though to be velvet but clearly wasn't.  Block #2 was started and finished though....

is it crazy enough?
I do hope it's what Suzy is looking for. It's getting posted this weekend so fingers crossed.

Bumblie Bee block for Tracey
Well, now another story of grasping victory out of the mouth of defeat (or something)...  Tracey was kind enough to send us precut half square triangles and asked as to make a block with them, in whatever pattern we wanted.  I had a bit of a brain malfunction and cut up on of the HSTs trying to do something fancy before I realised that it would ruin the block size.  So I cried then trawled the t'interweb for the fabric and was lucky enough to find a charm pack.  Last night I took advantage of the big girl pants and finally made her block...

some of my points are pretty sharp - result!
I am so relieved to cross both of these off of my list!

Happy post! Covert Robin flies in
And then yesterday, I received my gifts from my Covert Robin partner, Raffaella.  Now, the lovely lady didn't include a note or any way I can contact her other than snail mail so a thank you card and wee minding will be heading her way at the weekend.  Here's what it all came in..

hand printed I think

beautiful hoop with woodcut leaves

the whole haul

a lovely piece of lace

a fat quarter bundle, a pair of divine buttons
and a little tin of pins

and a pin cushion in an espresso cup
Oh and a really cute crochet thingamy that I forgot to photograph. What a haul huh?  I'm super chuffed with all this loveliness.

Tonight is the Great British Sewing Bee so I'm not sure how much will get done.  But I feel a little lighter already!


  1. oohh I forgot that was on tonight, thanks for the reminder!
    It's great what you can do when you put your big girl pants on :)
    Love that printed fabric too!

  2. great that you're happy with your haul. thanks for the tv reminder!!

  3. I'd really like some of those big girls pants especially when they produce such sharp points. What do you recommend?

  4. I would need more than big girl pants if I had to do that crazy block! You did good Missus. Di x

  5. What great Robin gifts! Just watched the sewing programme - imagine having access to that much fabric... I thought your blue block was for my QATW quilt when I saws it on Flickr - lovely work as usual :)

  6. Wow lucky you!! This is such a fun swap!!

  7. What wonderful swap goodies.
    Loving your work too darl.